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The sand filter is a part that helps protect the plumbing and prevent the faucets from clogging. It can sometimes cause a lack of pressure if not cleaned properly.

Here are the steps to follow

  1. Start by closing the main valve of the house as well as the valve after the sand filter if there is none do not forget to close the valve of the hot water tank.

  2. Open the small valve at the bottom of the filter and let the pressure decrease.

  3. With both hands take the filter firmly and turn counter clockwise. Let the water run out of the filter and finish unscrewing it.

  4. With   a rag or a brush, clean the particles from the filter cartridge.

  5. Clean the o-ring of the transparent bowl and use a little grease or petroleum jelly to lubricate the o-ring.

  6. Put the filter cartridge back in the transparent bowl, being careful not to put it upside down, the o-ring side must be up and the flat white plastic side must be down.

  7. Take the bowl with the cartridge inside and start reassembling everything and turning the bowl   clockwise.

  8. When the two pieces are screwed onto the filter head, you can proceed with a low-flow drain. Be careful not to open the valve too hard so as not to cause damage.

  9. Close the small valve at the bottom of the sand filter and slowly open the main valve and then the valve located after the vu-flow, taking care not to open it too quickly to avoid water hammer.