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About Us

Emergency service for artesian and shallow well pump systems

Pompe M.D.G is a Laurentian company, offering a service of maintenance and replacement fordifferent systems of well pump and lakes. Serve you in a fast turnaround 7/7, with a quality of execution that surpasses industry standards. 

(Member of RBQ and Member of l’APCHQ). 

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Our mission is professional and lasting quality service.

We offer a range of products from superior quality.

Whether for a installation, inspection or repair of your systems, we will find the solution to meet your needs. Our service units are 4×4, with heated box, which allows us to work effectively inWinter. A winch makes it easy to remove your pump without damaging it. Our complete inventory allows us to replace or repair your system in one call.

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License RBQ : 5789-9445-01

Maxim Desloges-Gingras