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en maintenance et remplacement pour système de pompe de puits.
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Pressure tanks

Well-x-troll pressure tank replacement, Pro source, Wellmate, Flexcon, Conair Burcam and others.

Submersibles pump

The stainless steel submersible pump is used to supply the various systems of the house.

Jets pumps

Pump replacement.

Piston Pumps

Pump replacement.

Constant pressure controller

Constant pressure controller : Pentair, Franklin Electric.

Ultraviolet treatment facility

Quartz maintenance and replacement
and U-V. lamps

(sand filter)

Cartridge cleaning and replacement; Replacement of parts.

Filter cartridge housing

Installation of filter cartridge box


Prevents surface water contamination; Facilitates pump and well maintenance; The wellhead must always protrude a minimum of 12 inches from the ground.

Pumping test

Determining the flow rate of a well is sometimes the key to knowing if the well is still viable. Test report and throughput.

Well disinfection

It is sometimes essential to disinfect a well. According to the law, the owner of a well must ensure the conformity of the water he uses.

Heating cable for frozen pipes

It is sometimes necessary to install a heating cable for certain installations.

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Pompe M.D.G. inc. is a Laurentian company,
specializing in pump systems for artesian wells and surface wells.


From Boisbriand to Mont-Tremblant

From Rawdon to Arundel

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Parce que manquer d'eau n'est pas une option.
Faites appel à nos services pour régler votre système de pompe de puits.
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Quand c'est possible nous faisons la réparation des composantes de votre installation.


Inspection complète de votre installation et des recommandations claires sur les travaux à effectuer.

Vente d'équipement

Installation de produits de qualité et durables pour votre système de pompe de puits artésien ou de surface.


Soucieux de la qualité de notre service, on régle efficacement vos problèmes d'eau. Service garanti.