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Equipment identification


Here are some of the main parts of a drinking water pump system

It is important that the parts and equipment used in a typical residential well system are of very good quality, we recommend products from recognized brands that have been proven in the industry for a long time. Our experience over time has shown us which products are better than others. Durability is a factor to consider when choosing a product that is also essential for the proper functioning at all times for the drinking water supply of your artesian well or surface well.

Stainless steel submersible pump

The submersible pump consists of two parts. The first part is the motor, the second is the pump head or pump. The pump is used to supply the various systems of the house. 

Hydropneumatic tank

The hydropneumatic tank has the function of accumulating a reserve of water to allow the pump to perform a stop. The reservoir is a very important part of the pumping system and should be calibrated every year. To put the right amount of air you just have to look at what pressure your pump starts and put 2 psi less in the tank, it must be empty of water. 

Standard pressure switch

The pressure switch is intended to control the starting of the pump between 30-50 psi or 40-60 psi there should be a 20 psi differential.

Low level sensing pressure switch

The purpose of the low pressure cut-off pressure switch is to protect the pump against water shortage. It interrupts the pump when the pressure decreases below 20 psi and it must be reset using the small metal arm located on the right side of it. Place the arm in position 2 to start the pump and re-pressurize the system.

Control box 1/3 HP to 1 HP standard

The purpose of the control box is to start the pump when  receives the signal from the pressure switch.


Low level protection box

The purpose of the low-level protection box is to protect the pump against water shortages, overvoltages and undervoltages.

Control box from 1.5 HP to 3 HP standard

The 1.5 HP to 3 HP control box has the function of starting the pump when it receives the signal from the pressure switch, it also provides the pump with a surge protection circuit. This can be rebooted by pressing the red button under the control box. 

The sediment filter

The purpose of the sediment filter is to capture the sediment present in the water and prevent the clogging of the pipes.