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When we talk about a lack of pressure, we must identify whether the lack is ''constant'' or ''intermittent''.

=>A constant lack of pressure: in most cases affects the entire house and we do not see an increase in pressure.

Example: we open the tap and we see that the pressure is already very low and decreases until it is zero.

=> Intermittent lack of pressure: affects some or all parts of the house, but there is often a slow decrease in pressure.

Example: the tap is opened and the pressure is good, but it decreases quite quickly until it is bad or zero.

Following the identification of the lack of pressure we can target the common problems.

Often a constant lack of pressure reveals a more complex problem and requires calling on our services.

Here are some probable causes of lack of constant pressure.

  • Your pressure tank is faulty (flat balloon);
  • Your pressure switch is faulty;
  • Your submersible pump is at the end of its life (15 and 20 years is considered a normal life);
  • The flow rate of your well has decreased considerably;
  • The pipes are clogged.

Often an intermittent lack of pressure indicates a lack of maintenance or a need for maintenance on the system.