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Questions to ask yourself when you run out of water.

Here are some possible solutions with simple steps to follow in order to solve your water problem.

1- Did you run out of electricity? If so, here are the steps to follow:

A– Be sure to reset your pump’s circuit breaker. To do this, you must close it completely and restore the power (switch to ON).

B– If you have a pressure switch with a low level trigger, i.e. a small metal arm as shown in the photo below, you may have emptied your hydropneumatic tank and the pressure has dropped too low (under the 20 psi). So try repriming your submersible pump.
See the article Common problems encountered on a pumping system

2-Have you watered your land recently (last 24 hours) here are the steps to follow

A– You may have emptied your artesian well. Start by turning off your circuit breaker and let your artesian well rest for a minimum of 6 to 24 hours. If your submersible pump runs after the downtime and you have water again, you now know that your artesian well may dry up and you will need to be careful with your usage.

B– Did you follow step (2-A) and you still have no water? Make sure you don’t have a low level trigger pressure switch (small arm). If you have one, refer to the Common problem article (link to another article). Otherwise, go to step C.

C– You have followed step (2-A) and (2-B), but you still have no water? Check the water level of your artesian well by opening the lid of your artesian well and throwing an ice cube inside. Count the seconds that pass before you hear the ice cube hit the water. Each second equals 13 feet. This will determine your water level, which will allow you to determine if your artesian well is filling and how quickly it is filling.

3-What temperature is it outside (-20 to -35 degrees Celsius)? Do you have a heating wire?

A– Have you plugged in your heating wire? If yes:

  • Be sure to close the circuit breaker of the submersible pump so as not to cause a break in the well
  • Make sure the wire circuit breaker is on and the circuit breaker (GFCI) is on.
  • Leave the heating wire plugged in for a minimum of two hours;
  • Make sure the wire is warm to the touch;
  • After 2 hours, turn the pump circuit breaker back on and see if the water comes back
  • If water does not come out, turn off the circuit breaker again.

If you have done steps (3-A) and the water does not return, your heating wires probably no longer work, you will need to call our services to thaw your pipes.